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Aircraft Spruce Canada tollfree: 1-877-795-2278

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Aircraft Spruce USA tollfree: 1-800-861-3192

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VIP Pilot Centre Canada: 1-800-361-1696

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International orders:

You can order anywhere in the world from Boeing Distribution! 1-800-284-2551

If ordering from OUTSIDE North America, for example Middle East or Asia you can still order from Boeing: 1-800-284-2551 When ordering from Boeing, you must use Boeing Catalog Numbers listed below, inserting a "zero" character where shown below Remember that Boeing tracks MILLIONS of items and needs catalog numbers for absolutely everything.

Logbook TitleSection #Boeing Catalog #
Airframe LogbookSection 1   SECTIØN1
Installations LogbookSection 2SECTIØN2
Engine LogbookSection 3SECTIØN3
Propeller LogbookSection 4SECTIØN4
Component LogbookSection 5SECTIØN5
Journey LogbookJØURNEYLØG
Logbook BinderBINDER