Where to Buy AeroTransport Logbooks:

You may find that shipping within North America is less complicated if you order from a local or regional supplier in the following list. If ordering from OUTSIDE North America, simply order normally, and we will invoice you for the additional shipping charge. Total shipping via UPS to Germany or Dubai, for example, will be about $30/kg or portion thereof.

Boeing-Aviall Canada:

Boeing-Aviall Canada: Aviall website:

To contact Aviall Customer Care Centre in Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, or Montreal, from anywhere in Canada, phone 800-284-2551

Or Contact Aviall Vancouver CSC: 604-270-6144 or Aviall Toronto CSC: 905-676-1695.

NOTE: When ordering from Boeing, use the following Boeing catalog #s, inserting a "zero" character where shown below:

Logbook TitleSection #Boeing Catalog #
Airframe LogbookSection 1   SECTIØN1
Installations LogbookSection 2SECTIØN2
Engine LogbookSection 3SECTIØN3
Propeller LogbookSection 4SECTIØN4
Component LogbookSection 5SECTIØN5
Journey LogbookJØURNEYLØG
Logbook BinderBINDER

Aircraft Spruce Canada:

Aircraft Spruce Canada tollfree: 1-877-795-2278

Click here for the Aircraft Spruce Canada Catalog

Aircraft Spruce USA:

Aircraft Spruce USA tollfree: 1-800-861-3192

Click here for the Aircraft Spruce USA Catalog

Aircraft Spruce INTERNATIONAL (Outside North America):

Click here for Aircraft Spruce International distributors

Flight City CYVR:

Flight City YVR: Flight City Website: or 604-244-0140