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Some users report that they have to register twice in order to continue with the exams. This isn't really a bug (it's only slightly annoying). It's a quirk that we're working on, and soon will be fixed. Just go ahead and register the second time, and everything will proceed normally.

1. The on-line ExamTutor™ is meant to be used on-line. Don't try to save the questions to use off-line! The Exam Tutor™ won't work off-line because it will start looking for other files which are not on your off-line computer. If you ever manage to get it started off-line, the exams won't progress through the on-line exam sequences, the how-to-do-it "Help Files" won't work, the marking engine won't work, and you won't get your emailed Report Card.

2. Your e-mail address is stored in our main record-keeping computer. Your identifying code is stored in a "cookie" on your computer. Both items are needed by our system to monitor your progress through the exams. This is how the Tutor keep track of your progress. If you turn off "cookies" on your browser, the Exam Tutor™ won't find any progress report on the server, and you will stay at the beginner "demo" level without an e-mailed report card. You can access your exams from any computer but only one user can access exams from the same computer login ID. What this means is: you can do your exams from home, or from school, or from work. But two aviators can't use the same computer login ID at home or at school unless each person re-registers each time.

In order for more than one user to use the same computer, you must log-in as separate users with separate IDs. Please take the time to create a separate login for each user.

3. If you're not able to access the exams, go to Preferences (or Network Preferences) in your browser and select Cookies=Yes and Javascript=Yes. Loosen your security settings for this website only so that you can interact with the exams. Older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 1, 2, or 3, for example) simply do not work (versions 6 and up are OK). When you access the exams; if cookies are blocked, there will be a privacy "stop-sign" button displayed at the bottom right of your browser screen. Go back to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy and adjust your privacy settings until the cookies are accepted.

4. If you are in the habit of book-marking exam pages, you might keep coming back to the registration page. Don't book-mark exam pages: you won't get your report cards, and you will eventually end up with a message like "Internal Server Error" when your cookies expire and the exams lose track of your personal ID!

5. The Online ExamTutor™ works with ANY computer (Macintosh or PC or UNIX or Linux) that has a recent model of a good browser (Mozilla or Opera or Internet Explorer 8+, for example). Some older versions of the Safari browser (Macintosh) have problems with the exams, but later versions seem to be OK

The ExamTutor™also works on smart phones & tablets, but the navigation exams might be a challenge on a smartphone because of the size of the charts. They render OK on tablets and laptops, but generally, the bigger the display, the better.

6. If you didn't get your e-mailed report card, it's because your e-mail address is invalid/mis-spelled/incomplete, or you have deleted all cookies from your browser. To restore deleted cookies, simply log on to the exams from the Home Page again (don't bookmark the exams).

If you don't receive your Exam Results immediately after submitting an exam, check your spam folder!

If you logged on with a bogus e-mail address, you will be permitted to sample an exam, but you won't receive your e-mail report card, and your bogus e-mail address will not appear next time you try to log on. If your e-mail address is out-of-date and needs a tune-up, click here to set up a new account. If you have asked us to change your email address - we don't do that for you. The tools are here for you to look after your own email address. If our messages-to-you are returned-to-us because your email address has changed, your account will be deleted, and you'll have to start all over again!

7. If your mailed report card takes a long time to arrive, it's because you're using one of the free email services like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo. These services are constantly filtering their mail for viruses and spam, and they process mail in batches. Yahoo mail may arrive as much as 12 hours later.

Your own internet service provider may provide email accounts at no charge. These are much faster than Hotmail or Yahoo.

8. The registration process asks for your name - this is for classroom use (when your instructor asks the class to do an exam at home). It puts your name on your report card to show your instructor.

Your training records are completely deleted 60 days after writing any on-line exam. In other words, you can take a month off between each exam, and still be able to resume your exams where you left off. If you stop for more than two months, you will start at the beginning again. When writing exams, do one series of exams at a time so that you don't exceed the 60 days. If you exceed 60 days, you are sent back to the beginning again!

8. You can submit exams for grading, and fail, a maximum of 3 times in one day. Without this limit, some users will submit hundreds of exams each day, trying to scope out the correct answers by repetition. This is not encouraged! Do the exams carefully, review your e-mailed report-card, and look up the recommended study references. Three failures in a day will leave you with plenty of homework! After the third failure, you can still look at the exams on-screen; however, the exam won't be accepted for grading until the next day. On the other hand, if you pass, you can do as many exams per day as you like.

9. If you have any questions about any aspect of the ExamTutor™, contact us here:

To save time, include your ExamTutor™ e-mail address in the body of the message, and include the make & model of your browser. We welcome any suggestions regarding answer choices, study references, exotic aeronautical arguments, etc. Our objective is for these exams to be useful to you.

10. If you're sick and tired of aviation, and don't want to do any more exams, not to worry. Your account will simply go dormant and you'll not hear another word from us.

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